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Section: Microsoft™ Windows Backup

Microsoft™ Windows Backup

Host-IT OBM has several options for securely backing up your personal files, the Windows operating system, and it's key files. All data is encrypted and stored on multiple redundant storage devices at our UK Data Centres.

Windows File Backup

The easy to use Host-IT OBM interface allows you to browse your hard disk, selecting your most important files and folders for backup. The files are then encrypted and stored securely in our storage facility. Restoring your files is a simple process, within a few clicks a potential disaster is averted!

System State Backup

Ensure that you can restore your mission critical serices after a hardware failure or corruption. Host-IT OBM has options for System State backup, Windows System backup, and Bare-Metal restore including integration with ShadowProtect.


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Back up data from your own network to a remote server in our data centre.

Enterprise solutions involving dedicated primary and replication servers also available. Please contact us for details.

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